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Garage door springs are a critical component of your garage door because they are responsible for bearing the door’s weight as it opens and closes. If you suspect your springs have failed, call your professional garage door spring replacement specialists at Jacksonville Garage Door LLC for quick, professional Garage Door Spring Repair.


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When a garage door spring breaks you may not be able to get the door open. If your car is in the garage you may be stuck and unable to get it out. If you look just above the garage door you will see the spring. If you see a break in the spring, you’ll need it replaced. Here are some other signs that indicate you have a broken spring:

  • The door will not open, even if you try to open it Manually
  • The door is just too heavy to open by hand
  • When you press the opener, the door only opens just a few inches.
  • Check the pulleys and cables they may have snapped
  • The spring may be loose causing it to slip
  • The door might go crooked as it moves up and down the track
  • Springs tend to break more in extreme cold and hot climates

Professional Garage Door Spring Repair Service

Please don’t attempt to do any garage door spring repair or replacement yourself.  We strongly advise against it as it can be very dangerous.

It’s always best to request a trained professional to perform your garage door spring replacements. Calling in expert service in a timely manner will help you avoid several major risks, including:

  • Prevent injury: Without proper training and experience, you could put your safety at risk. Garage door springs are responsible for moving extremely heavy garage doors. Experienced technicians have the skills and tools required to service the springs safely.
  • Keep your garage door protected: Professional garage door spring and cable replacements always keep the integrity of your door intact. Our team knows what to look for and how to remedy any issue that arises, ensuring your door will operate correctly and stay functional.
  • Avoid aggravating the problem: Even a minor mistake can aggravate the issue and lead to more costly repairs. Attempting repairs yourself may also interfere with your garage door warranty. Relying on professional service will ensure fast and reliable repairs.

Lifespan Can You Expect for Your Garage Door Springs

Each garage door spring has a unique lifespan, which is measured in open and close cycles. A 10,000-cycle spring that is used daily can last a number of years, depending on how many times per day it’s operated. Twice-daily use will give springs a lifespan of approximately 14 years, while doors opened 8 times a day will last for about three years.

Keep an eye on your spring replacement lifespan and usage frequency in order to assess when it may need repair and replacement. Once your overhead door springs have reached the end of their lifecycle, they may cease holding tension and stop operating properly. At this point, you’ll need expert repairs and replacements to handle the task.

Garage Door Spring Repair May Be Needed for several reasons.

Garage door spring repair may be needed for many reasons. Such as weather, age, and regular use, there are plenty of opportunities for even the best door springs to have issues over time. The most common reasons for repair include:

  • Normal wear and tear: Inevitably daily use adds up over time, leading to misaligned or worn-down springs. Even springs with a long shelf life eventually require repairs or replacement, particularly if they are used multiple times every day.
  • Corrosion and Rust: Wet weather, humidity, and salt air can lead to rust, which corrodes springs and weakens the coils. Applying lubricant regularly and scheduling maintenance and repair checks can help prevent rust and corrosion issues from building up.
  • Poor maintenance: Neglecting to schedule maintenance checks or regularly inspect your garage door can give small issues room to grow, particularly along the coast and during poor weather.

We have you covered. 

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Garage Door Spring Repair
Garage Door Spring Repair
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