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To maximize your garage door’s lifespan, you’ll need to dedicate some time to maintenance. While there are some tasks you can do yourself, others are best left to the professionals.

When you need garage door maintenance services, trust the trained experts at Jacksonville Garage Door LLC. We specialize in comprehensive preventive garage door maintenance services for homeowners

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*Preventive Maintenance

Jacksonville Garage Door LLC charges $125 for Preventive Maintenance. This includes a 12-point safety inspection, lubrication, and balancing of the torsion system, lubrication and adjustment of rollers, tracks, hinges, and operator, and adjustment of motor force and travel limits.

Preventive maintenance should be performed annually and in many cases will address most of the minor issues you are experiencing with your garage door. Noisy and rough operation and issues with your door opening or closing improperly are usually remedied with basic preventive maintenance.

Why Garage Door Preventive Maintenance is Important

Here’s a look at some of the benefits of annual garage door preventive maintenance:

  • System Longevity: By having regular inspections and garage door preventive maintenance, you can identify any performance issues or failing hardware early on and quickly replace them before they cause further damage to other parts of your garage door. With preventive maintenance, you can maximize the lifespan of your entire garage door system.
  • Cost-Savings: When your garage door system fails, you will likely have to contact a professional to perform Garage Door repairs or even emergency repairs. These last-minute repairs can end up costing you significantly more than a regular preventive maintenance program. $125 Preventive maintenance can usually save several hundred dollars in preventable emergency repairs.
  • Improved Safety: With preventive maintenance, not only will a technician inspect all your garage door’s safety features to ensure proper operation, but they can also identify hardware that may fail in the near future. Parts that unexpectedly break can pose property damage concerns or personal safety hazards.

Here’s what our Garage Door Preventive Maintenance covers:

  • Inspect Panel Condition: Damaged garage door panels are unattractive. Corrosion buildup, cracks, or large dents can cause operational issues as well as potential safety and security concerns.
  • Inspect Door Alignment: Garage doors moving along damaged tracks can come off the track or cause large-scale damage to the door’s hardware. Our team will check that your door is properly aligned and that the tracks aren’t misaligned or bent.
  • Safety Eyes. The safety sensors keep the door from closing if a person or object is in the garage door’s path. Safety sensors are inspected for proper alignment and function.
  • Inspect and Lubricate Rollers: Garage door rollers allow the door to move up and down the track easily. If your rollers aren’t properly lubricated or if they’re worn or damaged, your door may not operate smoothly or efficiently.
  • Inspect, Adjust, and Lubricate Springs: Over time, your garage door springs can become loose or may build up rust and corrosion. By inspecting the quality of your springs and adjusting and lubricating as needed, we can help prolong their lifespan and avoid potentially hazardous and costly damage.
  • Inspect Tension Spring Mounting Pad: We’ll inspect your mounting pad for signs of damage, like cracks and splits, that could cause serious problems and garage door functionality issues at a later time.
  • Opening/Closing Force: We also set the opener force and travel limits to ensure the door opens and closes at the proper distance and at the correct force.  This is for safety and prevents damage.  The opener can easily damage the garage door panels if it tries to close or open too far and if the closing force is set too high it presents a huge potential health hazard.
  • Inspect and Tighten Hinges and Hardware: Loose pieces of hardware can cause extensive wear to that particular part and can also damage other garage door components. We’ll inspect and tighten all hinges and hardware to keep your garage door operating smoothly and to help prevent unexpected breakage.
  • Inspect Top and Bottom Brackets: Top brackets hold the top roller in place, Bottom brackets are mounted at the bottom of the lower garage door
    Section, they hold the bottom rollers in place. These brackets contribute to the lifting point on the garage door. We inspected for wear, damage, and breakage.
  • Inspect Cables for Wear or Damage: Like your garage door springs, cables also work to counterbalance the weight of the door and facilitate dependable, smooth movement. With regular use, garage door cables can become worn or frayed, which can impact the functionality of your garage door.
  • Inspect Locks for Proper Operation: Garage doors are not only an accessible and convenient way to enter your home, but they also serve as a primary source of home protection. Having working locks can prevent home intruders from entering your property.
  • Inspect Weatherstripping: By ensuring a tight seal between your garage door and the molding, we can protect your home from excess moisture and maintain your home’s energy efficiency. We’ll inspect the quality of your garage door’s weatherstripping and replace any areas that are cracking or have gaps.

We have you covered. 

Contact Jacksonville Garage Door LLC for Expert Garage Door Preventive Maintenance

Garage door preventive maintenance is critical to keeping your garage door system running safely, reliably, and in good working order throughout the year. While we rely on our doors to open and close on demand every day, it’s all too simple to overlook maintenance until it’s too late. Because the average garage door opens and closes more than a thousand times per year, it stands to reason that it will ultimately require service. When was the last time you had maintenance or service performed?

Don’t put off getting help until you really need it!

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Garage Door Preventive Maintenance
Garage Door Preventive Maintenance
Garage Door Preventive Maintenance

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