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Coming home after work or walking out into your garage only to discover that your garage door opener is not functioning correctly can be extremely frustrating. Not being able to open your garage door can negatively affect your day when they stop working for seemingly no reason at all.  When you need garage door opener repair service turn to the experts. We will troubleshoot the dozens of potential problems that could be affecting your broken garage door opener.

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How Do You Know If You need Garage Door Opener Repair Service?

When it comes to convenience and quickness, your garage door opener can completely transform your life. But what happens if your opener suddenly stops working properly? Your time and efforts can be wasted if your garage door opener is sluggish, unpredictable, or unreliable.

It’s always preferable to get in touch with experts and get any problems with your garage door opener fixed straight away. By doing this, you can stop minor problems from getting worse and avoid having to deal with a damaged door.

Are you unsure whether a garage door opener repair is necessary? These red flags will help you decide:


  • The garage door automatically opens and reverses. If your garage door behaves erratically, there may be a problem with the door’s safety sensors. Verify that nothing is blocking the sensors.
  • Your garage door won’t open or close. A garage door that fails to open or close properly is a sure sign that something is wrong. But your automatic opener might not be the problem. Before concluding that your opener requires repairs, look around to see if you can find another obvious problem, such as a loose cable, an improperly aligned door, or broken rollers. Dead batteries or disconnected remotes could be the root of the problem, which could also be related to the opener.
  • Your garage door operates sporadically. Have a garage door that typically operates but occasionally acts up? There could be a wiring issue with your device, necessitating a professional inspection and garage door opener repair service.
  • If the noise made by your garage door opener is unusual, like grinding or clicking, this may be a sign that your automated garage door opener needs to be repaired. If you have an older model, it can be past the point of no return and in need of a complete upgrade and replacement. Our skilled technicians can quickly provide you with the replacement parts or repair work you require.

Work With Professionals for Garage Door Opener Repair Service

There are numerous potential reasons why a garage door opener won’t work, including clogged safety sensors, interrupted power sources, and simple wiring issues. In many cases, the problem may not even be with the garage door opener! A door opener that seems broken may actually be working well, signaling a deeper issue like damaged springs or snapped wires.

Because of this, it pays to trust the work to professionals when it comes to fixing garage door openers. You can avoid the time and frustration of potentially ineffective repairs by dealing with qualified garage door experts, like those at Jacksonville Garage Door LLC, to guarantee that your garage door opener repair is both required and successful.

We have you covered. 

Garage Door Opener Repairs vs. Replacement

At Jacksonville Garage Door LLC, our team offers both repair and replacement services. If you’re not sure whether you need garage door opener repairs or a full-scale upgrade, we’re here to help you decide.

Our experienced and fully trained technicians will inspect your existing garage door opener and diagnose the problem in order to offer the best solution. If possible, we’ll recommend repair services that will restore full functionality and performance to your garage door opener.

When there are situations where a repair isn’t possible or unadvisable, we will let you know. For example, if your opener has surpassed its shelf life or suffered substantial damage, we may recommend a replacement. Depending on your needs, you may also want an upgrade to take advantage of the latest features and technology.

Some common causes for replacement over repair include:

  • Updated safety regulations
  • Safety concerns over the make or model of your original opener
  • Lack of safety sensors
  • Your original brand no longer exists, so we’re unable to procure the parts you need

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LiftMaster Garage Door Opener
Liftmaster Garage Door Opener
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Genie Garage Door Opener

Residential Garage Door Opener

If your garage door opener struggles to open or close, or just fails to operate all together. It’s time for an upgrade from Jacksonville Garage Door LLC.  We offer top brands like LiftMaster™ and Genie®, residential garage door openers. These Top Brands provide dependable performance that’s backed by very generous product and labor warranties.

To meet the needs of our customers, our residential garage door openers come in three distinct operating styles.  Note that all newer openers are available with Wi-Fi connectivity.  (Ask for details)

Belt Drive Garage Door Opener


Often considered the best home garage door opener, our belt-driven models utilize a noiseless belt rather than a steel chain. For security and safety, they also come with optional features like electronic monitoring against forced entry, back-up batteries, and motion-detecting lights.

Chain Drive Garage Door Opener


Though a slightly older model, chain-driven garage door openers are still a highly recommended and cost-effective choice, especially when noise is not a concern. Optional features include a timer-to-close and maintenance alert system.

Jack Shaft Wall Mount Garage Door Opener


Jackshaft garage door openers work well in garages with particularly high, low, or obstructed ceilings—offering convenient and reliable performance without the need to install an overhead opener. Wi-Fi compatibility comes standard with this opener.

Smart Garage Door Openers

Smart Garage Options

iPhone compatible garage door opener. With MyQ connectivity, our garage door openers can be controlled right from your smartphone or through our cloud-based software. You’ll know when your garage door has been left open and can close it with a tap, no matter where you are.

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